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The Greatest Time of Year

St. Patrick’s Day begins the most exciting 4 week period of the entire year! Ever!
To start ‐ my Birthday is March 18th.
(In lieu of gifts or treats, make donations to Dubois County Humane Society at or your local Humane Society)

The 4 weeks beginning with St. Patrick’s Day are loaded with March Madness, spring training baseball, Opening Day!!!, The Masters, and April 15th!

Let’s dissect this a bit:
1. March Madness –
a. The tradition, the upsets, the pageantry, the fans! What is not to love about March Madness basketball? If the games alone weren’t good enough, Warren Buffet has fronted                        $1B…..Billion! For a perfect bracket. I doubt it happens?
2. Baseball –
a. The GMs begin narrowing their team down to the best of the best in hopes to bring home the pennant! The boys of summer are back! I was blessed to have my dad implement                    baseball to me at an early age as the nuances of the game really develop and instill traits a person will carry for life!
3. The Masters –
a. Aside from hitting an unpredictable moving object (baseball); golf has to be the most difficult sport there is! It’s absolutely amazing watching the Pros at Augusta! I download the          Masters app each year and do not miss a swing!

This year – Spending the bulk of my time at the office busy with tax returns I have added an extra monitor to my computer solely dedicated to Spring Training Baseball, NCAA March Madness, and PGA Golf!

I hope you all enjoy the next 4 weeks as much as I do!

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